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Irmangka Irmangka


What Is It?

Irmangka Irmangka

Irmangka Irmangka is used for relief of arthritis, muscle & joint inflammation, cramps & bruises – also used to sooth headaches and eases cold & flu symptoms.

It grows around hilly and rocky areas of Central Australia – Western Desert – most of ours sourced from Areyonga/Utju.

Irmangka-Irmangka, scientifically known as Eremophila alternifolia or Scented Emu Bush, is a distinctive plant primarily found in regions with gravelly limestone soils. This uncommon species is characterized by its pink or mauve tubular flowers adorned with dark red spots. The leaves emit a strong fragrance, the branches exhibit knobbly features, and the young growth is notably sticky. Typically reaching heights of one to two meters, Irmangka-Irmangka holds cultural significance among the Antakarinja people, who prize it for its medicinal properties. The leaves are utilized in traditional remedies by boiling them with kangaroo fat and water to create a potent, aromatic gel. This sticky substance is ingested in tea or applied to the chest to alleviate symptoms associated with colds, headaches, chest infections, and various minor ailments. Additionally, it serves as a remedy for soothing painful bites and stings. Renowned for its longevity, this medicinal preparation is believed to promote deep and restful sleep.

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